August 9, 2022


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Despite protests, the health pass was successful in vaccinating. An example to follow?

How to vaccinate the French against Govt-19? Emmanuel Macron may have found the answer to this question. The health pass often results in the obligation to vaccinate certain sections more and more to the common area. And it may be followed abroad.

It’s time: here we are in the middle of summer, halfway through the summer holidays. Unpacking the French bag and their suitcases, foreign tourists arrive. The epidemic is on the rise and not only abroad: but also in the mainland of FranceEspecially in the tourism sector. The fourth wave threatens.

After all, those who have not been vaccinated against Govt-19 represent 85% of hospitalized patients in France, including intensive care. They cause 78% of deaths caused by the virus, according to a study released Friday.

Boss uniting protests

For a long time, the French were more or less evenly divided between July and Auguston. Today, France is vaccinated and divided between the movement, which is made up of antivox, anti-mask, anti-control and especially anti-pass, yellow-clad, “Brexit” supporters and far-right groups.

For the third week in a row this Saturday, rival allies will pour into more than 150 cities in France to extend the health pass and the mandatory vaccination against Govt-19. They were 110,000 the first week and 160,000 the following week And There should be 150,000 more this weekend.

One more poll (Ipsos-Chopra Steria for Francinebo and Parisian on July 16) gave a 62% majority in favor of implementing a health pass to enter public spaces, and 69% gave caregivers the mandatory vaccination against Govt 19.

Vaccines are on the rise

So President Macron faces a summer sling. But on the pitch, his tactics work. Covid 19 vaccine numbers will rise. As soon as the president announced, nearly 4 million French people held a meeting to get vaccinated and get the famous pass.

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Remember what this pass is: it is a complete vaccine or recovery certificate or a negative Govt test. In France, you have already been asked for this certificate to gain access to cultural or entertainment venues that bring together more than 50 people, starting July 21st.

From August 9, to coffee shops, fairs and exhibitions, Long distance trains And domestic flights. France follows the example set by Denmark and Hungary, which first imposed the health pass. And she is being followed Others: Italy, Germany, Portugal …

Health workers should be vaccinated against Govt-19, which already exists for this type of diphtheria, tetanus, polio and hepatitis B.

For a long time, France has lagged behind in terms of vaccine against Govt-19. Far behind Belgium for example. But it caught up with the United States, often cited as an example. 61% of French people have received at least one dose of the vaccine and on Tuesday evening France exceeded the 50% limit of its total vaccine population. .

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Studies show that the French population is increasingly in need of the vaccine: now it is 84%, 7% higher than before the announcement of Emmanuel Macron. The new measures seem to have been particularly successful in the twenties and thirties, they were very difficult to convince and highly affected by the virus.

Children still escape from any obligation. On the other hand, young people between the ages of 12 and 18 must obtain a health pass in September to pursue frequent terraces and amusement parks.

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Which countries need the vaccine or are it in operation?

The question now is whether other countries will follow the example of France.

Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and … The Vatican makes it compulsory for everyone from the age of 18 to be vaccinated.

Often the duty relates to certain categories, usually nursing staff.

  • In Greece, vaccination will be mandatory on August 16 for nursing home staff and on September 1 for caregivers.
  • In Italy, The May 25 decree requires doctors and health workers to be vaccinated, otherwise they can no longer communicate with the public.
  • In the UK, the government makes it mandatory for nursing home workers to be vaccinated.
  • In Russia, Moscow, St. Petersburg and other companies have ordered compulsory vaccination of employees in the service sector.
  • Kazakhstan has ordered compulsory vaccination of employees who interact with others.
  • The Fiji archipelago has made it mandatory for both public and private employees to be vaccinated.
  • In Equatorial Guinea, vaccination is mandatory for certain occupations, such as the military, health workers or teachers.
  • In Hungary, Prime Minister Victor Orban announced that vaccination would be mandatory for caregivers, without specifying a date.
  • In the United States, San Francisco announced at the end of June that it would ask its 35,000 employees to be vaccinated, under sanctions and sanctions.

Other states have chosen restrictions that are almost equivalent to one duty.

  • In the United States, the White House announced that federal employees must be vaccinated or wear a mask regularly and undergo routine check-ups once or twice a week. New York announced that staff at the city’s public hospitals should be vaccinated or tested weekly. Back in the United States, Many big companies like Disney, Google, Facebook, Uber and Walmart The central administration is taking steps to make vaccination compulsory for all employees and to promote the vaccination of government employees.
  • Saudi Arabia announced in August that the vaccine would be mandatory for entry into public and private institutions, including educational and recreational areas and public transport.
  • In Pakistan, the province of Balochistan bans unvaccinated people from entering public services, parks, shopping malls and public transport. Officials in Sindh province who refuse to be vaccinated will no longer be paid, while Punjab province has threatened to cut off telephones to those who refuse to be vaccinated.
  • In China, in mid-July, about twenty local communities warned that those who had not been vaccinated over the age of 18 would soon be admitted to hospitals, schools or even public transport.
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At the federal level in Belgium none of these we are still focused on consciously. On the other hand Flemish Health Minister Waterlo Pack says this is no longer a ban To him. 90% of adults in the north of the country can be proud of being vaccinated with the first dose and 60% fully vaccinated.