July 2, 2022


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Diablo IV will not copy the game-changing microtransactions of Immortal

Diablo IV will not copy the game-changing microtransactions of Immortal

Blizzard confirmed it Next Diablo IV It will not contain the kinds of game-changing microtransactions that have proven controversial in recently released Immortal Diablo.

Back in 2019, shortly after Diablo IV It was first announcedBlizzard Principal Designer Joe Shely He said Blizzard will not “sell strength” in the game. While that, You will be able to “get cosmetics” Via microtransactions, he said, adding at the time that it was “too early” to develop the game.

Some players worried if these Diablo IV The plans were still in effect, though Immortal DiabloA variety of in-game currencies and purchase options that change the gameplay I got the game virtually banned in two European countries.

Those concerns increased with Blizzard’s recent posting of a Diablo IV Product Manager Job List that mentioned” Diablo IV The in-game store experience ‘as a key element of Diablo IVSeasonal content strategy. This product manager will need to “work with the analytics team to help identify sales trends and identify buying behaviors,” according to the job listing.

calm down your everlastingDriven fears

The developers were quick to allay those concerns, emphasizing that everlasting‘s Mobile-focused design Not a sign of things to come Diablo IV. “To be clear, [Diablo IV] is a full-priced game designed for the PC/PS/Xbox fans,” Diablo Franchise SVP and General Manager Rod Ferguson wrote on twitter. “We’re committed to offering an incredible range of content post-launch, and for years to come, centered on optional cosmetic items and full-story expansions.”

Adam Fletcher, president of the global Blizzard community, echoed that sentiment In his own tweetwriting it “Paid Content [in Diablo IV] It is designed around optional cosmetic items and full expansions at the end. We will share more information soon! “

It’s sure to be welcome news for the many fans of the franchise who have been bombarded with Immortal Diablo With overwhelmingly negative user reviews on Sites like Metacritic (By reviews among mobile users on the iOS App Store stay high). Ars Special impressions Immortal Diablo Note the game’s economy, riddled with “confusing microtransactions,” as the worst thing about “otherwise…

“The confusing set of coins in this game is like the bullshit I hate in other F2P fare,” wrote Sam Machukovic. “Worse, when you have a shortage of currency to do something Immortal DiabloActivision Blizzard offers a clickable tooltip icon that tells you how to earn the item or make the item somewhere in normal gameplay…or you can simply buy it on the spot. “

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