October 7, 2022


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Did President Macron spy? Frying on the line between Paris and Rabat

Did President Macron spy on a foreign power? The question arises after it was revealed on Tuesday that the French head of state and members of government are on the list of potential targets of the Pegasus software, which some states use to spy on personalities.

Le Monde and Radio France, which are part of a consortium of 17 media outlets that have access to the list, obtained through a network of banned charities and amnesty charities Amnesty International, said on Tuesday that the figure would be used by Philip and 14 members of the government, including former Prime Minister Edward, to use the numbers selected by the Moroccan state security service, Pegasus. For possible theft ”appear.

“We found these phone numbers, but we could not do a technical investigation on Emmanuel Macron’s phone,” he said. Check if it is affected by this software, so “It doesn’t tell us if the president really spied.”, Explained Laurent Richard, director of Forbidden Stories on the LCI news channel.

The investigation has only just begun

“If the facts are true, they are obviously very serious. All the light will be shed on these news releases.” The head of state through the Pegasus responded to the presidency by questioning the AFP as to whether it could “spy”.

One king and three presidents

According to Radio France and Le Monde, Edward Philippe and his wife, leading ministers, at the time their numbers were elected, the list included Jean-Yves Le Drian, Christoph Gostner, Gerald Durman, Bruno the Mayor or Franுவாois de Rookie.

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But members of parliament and political leaders like Franசois Beru are from Modem.

The French president is not the only head of state to have spied through the Pegasus.

According to Radio France, King Mohammed VI of Morocco and his entourage are “on the list of possible targets”, and according to the Washington Post, another member of the media federation investigating the case, there are two more presidents. Iraq Burham Saleh and South African Cyril Ramaphosa.

The Washington Post also presents the names of Pakistan, Imran Khan, Egypt, Mostaba Madhouli, and the prime ministers of Morocco, Saad-e-Lin Otmani, and a total of seven. The list includes Lebanese Chad Hariri, Uganda Ruhagana Rukunda and Belgian Charles Michael.

Even before this new information came out, French justice opened a hearing on Tuesday, the federation said, to investigate the complaint of journalists targeted by Morocco using Pegasus.