August 10, 2022


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Direct – War in Ukraine: Twenty-seven leaders grant EU candidate status to Ukraine and Moldova.

Former Russian President Vladimir Putin’s confidante Dmitry Medvedev has not chosen a new Pantherila, while the fate of Ukraine is being played out in Brussels on Thursday as twenty-seven candidates are being considered for membership in the European Union. -à- EU. The current vice-president of the Security Council of Russia, in a post on his official Telegram account, slammed the pettiness of current EU leaders and senior officials. Thatcher regrets the time of Chirac, Berlusconi and Merkel, who used and misused clich மற்றும்s and clichs in order to prove a verified postulate before Medvedev could say it.

The Kremlin has raised its voice and threatened to cut off power to Lithuania at a time when it is guilty of unjustifiably blocking the distribution of the Kaliningrad enclave.

On the ground, Russian forces are tightening their grip on the Donbass in the twin cities of Chevrodonetsk and Lyczynsk. The latter is currently causing severe civilian casualties, subject to severe strikes. According to Governor of Lukansk Oblast, Sergei GaidaI. At Tokmak, near Saboria, Russian forces demolished Ukraine’s largest solar power plant. The solar panels were removed, backed up and taken away, UNIAN news agency reported.

Watch the events live below:

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