November 30, 2022


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Discovering the world while working: Sara says this experience “changed her life”.

Aged 25 and 31, Sarah and her friend Jordan have already lived in Canada for a year and will be moving to Australia for a year in early December. Thanks to a program dedicated to youth and the “working holiday” visa. Explanations.

Sarah (25) and Jordan (31), a young couple from Anwaing in Hainaut, are what you might call adventurers. And they decided to contact the editorial staff with an orange alert button to share their experience and inspire some to want to try the adventure. This ex-nurse’s assistant and this ex-butcher have decided to give it all up to live their passions of travel and adventure. “We decided to leave our routine to find each other“, Sarah explains.”We have always loved to travel and started in 2020!

More specifically, this idea sprouted in 2020 because this year is not the best when it comes to travel. “We found out about this program through SIEP (Studies and Careers Information Service). Due to covid, we had to wait a little longer, but finally left for Canada next year, for 8 months in Montreal and then a road trip across the country.“. But how do you financially survive an entire year away from home? That’s where the PVT (Working Vacation Program) comes in.”An incredible program for young people“, Sarah says.

Combine work and innovation

PVT brings together a package of contracts to travel abroad to travel or learn a new language, while having the right to work on site to finance the stay. From Belgium, 5 places are offered to young people aged 18 to 31, the age range that can benefit from this program is: Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and Taiwan. For our country, 750 seats are opened every year.Usually not all places are taken over. It is very rare to be disappointed in anything. “Every time I get to chat with someone who’s on this show, they’ve been able to go to a country of their choice.”.

To prove that it is possible to take a different path from tradition

Thanks to this program, after making the request, you will receive a visa that allows you to work on site, enough to finance your accommodation, your shopping or your travels. “My boyfriend worked at a brewery and I worked at a babysitter. Not only that, we stayed in a shared apartment, which added camaraderie to this adventure.“.

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(c) Warn Us – by Jordan Houbert

(c) Warn Us – by Jordan Houbert

For Sara and Jordan, the purpose of their appeal to RTL Info’s editorial staff was to show that there are other ways than the traditional ones. “You get a diploma, then a job, then a house… Through this program and these trips, we teach that something else can be done as an alternative to the so-called norm.“.

“We have to go!”

If Saru’s experience was simple “Changed his life“, she wants to benefit other young people who are still hesitant to take the plunge.”I have only one word: go for it!”, she shouts. “My trip to Canada changed me. We realize that we need very few things to be happy. A shower, a bed, food… This trip opened our eyes to real needs, with my boyfriend, it’s like the school of life, this trip to the unknown.“.

It was -46 degrees outside, and between -5 and 0 inside the tent!

A short story about the trip? “There are many, but if I had to tell one person to inspire the spirit of adventurers, I would say the time we had to sleep in a prospector’s tent (editor’s note: a special tent from Canada to resist the cold). It was -46 degrees outside, and between -5 and 0 inside the tent! “Living is an Adventure”The woman declares.

Sarah would be off in a few weeks to the opposite destination, geographically or meteorologically, if she hadn’t been hit by the cold. “We’re off again, this time to Australia, which will surely change us. For company, we use PVT. You can only take it once per country, but you can test several, another benefit of this working holiday program!

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The site is easy to access and comes with countless details on travel, formalities and administrative points Here. “I’ve never heard of anyone regretting their trip, you’ll have to test to find out.”Sara shares her adventures and advice on PVT with her friend “Chattroteur” through her Instagram page.