February 3, 2023


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Disruption to Omicron party: 6,300 flights canceled worldwide over Christmas weekend | International spread of corona virus

About 6,300 flights were canceled by airlines around the world over the Christmas weekend, with the Omigron variant of the Covit-19 disrupting travel over the holidays, especially as pilots are in isolation.

According to a recent report by the Flightaware website, nearly 2,800 flights were canceled on Saturday, of which 970 flights were to the United States for international or domestic flights.

On Friday, about 2,400 cancellations were identified according to the same source, which already has more than 1,100 cancellations scheduled for Sunday.
Pilots, flight attendants and other crew had to be isolated after contracting the disease, which forced Lufthansa, Delta and United Airlines to cancel flights.

According to Flightaware, United Airlines had to cancel about 439 flights on Fridays and Saturdays, or 10% of what was planned. “The peak of Omigron cases across the country this week has had a direct impact on our staff and the people who run our operations,” the U.S. agency said, adding that it was working to address the affected passengers.

Delta Airlines canceled more than 300 flights on Saturday and 170 flights the day before, again citing both Omigron and, occasionally, adverse weather, according to Flydeware. The airline argued that “delta groups have exhausted all options and resources.”
More than a dozen Alaska Airlines flights have been canceled by staff, who said they were “susceptible to the virus” and should be self-isolated in isolation.

Cancellation wave in China

Chinese airlines responsible for most cancellations: China Eastern reduced about 540 flights, more than a quarter of its flight schedule, while Air China canceled 267 flights, and was close to the quarter of its scheduled departures.

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After being hit hard by the 2020 Christmas epidemic, this cancellation disrupts the option of starting this year’s trip for the holidays.

The American Automobile Association estimates that between December 23 and January 2, more than 109 million Americans were expected to leave their immediate area by plane, train or car – 34% more than last year.

No effect on Santa Claus

Fortunately, these disruptions had no effect on Santa Claus’ tour, which was carefully followed for decades by the North American Space Defense Command (NORAD).
NORAD has accurately calculated the 7,623,693,263 gifts distributed this year, following in the footsteps of Slate Thanksgiving, the company explains to the sensor placed on one of the reindeer’s noses.

This tradition has its origins in a telephone mess. In 1955, a Colorado newspaper published a phone number that allowed children to call Santa Claus, mistyped a military command, and decided to pick up the game.

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