March 21, 2023


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‘Doomsday plane’ has arrived in Europe: US sends clear signal to Russia

The United States transferred the Boeing E-6B Mercury aircraft, known as part of the “Doomsday” fleet, to Iceland last Tuesday as part of the responsibility of the US European Command, EUCOM.

The command announced on Twitter that the crew “met with US Ambassador to Iceland Kerin Bateman and other diplomatic and military officials.”

“Airplane of the Apocalypse”: This is Vladimir Putin’s anti-nuclear war machine

The E-6B Mercury aircraft is a modified Boeing 707 capable of cruising at a speed of 981 km/h at a speed of 842 km/h and a climb altitude of 12.8 km and a flight range of 11,760 km. The crew consists of 22 people, including pilots, communications operators and combat personnel.

The E-6B Mercury was designed as a multi-purpose command and control aircraft in the conditions of a nuclear conflict, designed to communicate with ships and other vehicles of the US arsenal, which is why it received the unofficial name “plane of the plane”. Apocalypse”. If the need arises, this aircraft will serve as the US Strategic Command’s global operations center (the “Flying Pentagon”).

News of the replacement of the E-6B Mercury is drawing particular attention because last week the Kremlin announced it would end its participation in the New START Treaty on the Reduction and Limitation of Strategic Offensive Arms, i.e. nuclear weapons. .

Russian Army on the Brink of the Abyss? “Moscow will likely struggle to provide the personnel and equipment needed for the planned expansion.”

The US called the Russian decision “irresponsible”, while France and the UK called on Moscow to “reverse its hasty decision” and “show responsibility”.

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So it’s no wonder that this plane is in Iceland. The US wants to show the Russians that a major threat from the Kremlin is ready to respond.