July 3, 2022


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Drake responds honestly no matter the bad comments

Drake responds honestly no matter the bad comments

this week, drake Surprisingly, he dropped his seventh album Honestly, Nevermind.

The album is a huge departure from Drake’s regular sound — for starters, the new LP is House; While Drake’s other records are rap with R&B elements.

music critics Mixed reactions. for example, diverse He wrote, “As a standalone Drake album, it’s very refreshing, and a dose of vibrant pop that will likely resonate through the remainder of summer.”

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However, another port, sound resultWrote , “Honestly, Nevermind Not a bad album, but disappointing.”

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When the album was dropped on Twitter, fans echoed the same criticism – if not worse – for the album.

Twitter: dwif____

Well, during his album release party, Drake directed criticism. He said at @ “it’s all good if you don’t get it yet”esrekip_Reel, where the new track “Calling My Name” was played.

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“This is what we do! We are waiting for you to catch up,” he added. “We are here, even though we are already signed.

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“To the next. Oh my God!”

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I mean, he has a point. There have been countless times I know I listened to an album and hated it at first, but then eventually came to love it. So, I hope this happens to all of you! Farewell!

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