October 7, 2022


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Drama in Hollywood: New details about Alec Baldwin’s death shot have been released

Director Joel Souza, who is recovering from a shoulder injury sustained in the shooting, said he heard a “shirt + noise, big + pan +” sound as he stood behind the victim, Halina Hutchins, citing this new preliminary investigation report. Advised by AFP.

The crew was filming the western film “Rust” in New Mexico.

“Alec (Baldwin) was sitting on a bench in a church setting, and he was practicing drawing,” the document states. The director was looking over the shoulder of the 42-year-old cinematographer, who was shot in the trunk on Thursday and was pronounced dead a few hours later.

After the shooting, the filmmaker “grabbed her stomach” and said she could not feel her legs, the director said, “she started to stumble again” and “helped her get up. She was put down”.

Cameraman Reid Russell said the scene was not filmed.

Assistant Director Dave Halls says the gun must be “cool”, meaning empty, so it is harmless in movie terminology. However, Joel Sosa said he was not sure if the weapon had been subjected to another security check after the team’s lunch break. Anyway the shooting took place and the accident sent shock waves in Hollywood.


The investigation is still ongoing and the responsibilities of those who were there have not yet been clarified – no case has been initiated – but the focus is on those who handled the weapon.

According to Joel Sosa, two people, apart from actor Alec Baldwin, used the weapon.

First, Hannah Gutierrez Reed, a 24-year-old film gunman. She prepared the revolver and put it in a cart with two other weapons.

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The shooting’s chief electrician says he had his hands full after the traumatic injury of Halina Hutchins, who exploded on Facebook with grief caused by “negligence and lack of professionalism.”

“There’s no way a 24-year-old woman can be a gunman,” Sergei Svetnoy wrote angrily, pointing to Hannah Gutierrez Reid’s inexperience.

“To save money, we sometimes hire people who are not fully qualified for complex and dangerous work,” he accuses.

Guilloma Deloitte, who has been a Hollywood gunman for almost 30 years, said he was “very surprised” about this age group and only two films should be credited to him, “could be the lead gunman in a movie with a lot of scenes. With war guns”.

The second person in line of sight at the hearing was Assistant Director Dave Halls, who handed the gun to Alec Baldwin and told him it was not loaded.

Mr. Another statement from the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office said Hall was “not aware the gun was loaded with live ammunition.”

The assistant director is described as an experienced expert, but suffered a bad reputation for allowing unsafe practices to settle, NBC News reported Sunday.

Contacted by AFP, the producers did not act immediately, or Ms Guttierez-Reid deleted her accounts on social networks.

On Sunday, an awareness tribute to Halina Hutchins was organized in Burbank, near Los Angeles. The mood was loaded with bitterness and sadness, with those who attended eager to learn how such tragedy was possible.

The play refreshed the discussion about the security of teams and the use of weapons on sets.

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A petition on the change.org site has called for a ban on live guns during the shooting, and the team has collected more than 27,000 signatures as of Monday afternoon for better working conditions.