November 30, 2022


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Eagles at Texans score: Live updates, game stats, highlights and analysis for 'Friday Night Football'

Eagles at Texans score: Live updates, game stats, highlights and analysis for ‘Friday Night Football’

The Philadelphia Eagles and Houston Texans are tied 14-14 over two quarters on Thursday Night Football.

Looking at their seasons so far, the confrontation is uneven, with the undefeated Eagles being the clear favorites over Texas 1-5-1, but this disparity did not translate into the first quarter, which ended with the two teams sitting at 7 points.

Texans made a statement early on, surprising many by scoring the game’s first touchdown. Quarterback Davis Mills steered his team down the field and the 75-yard drive was capped by a 2-yard touchdown reception by Crowne Kituriano.

The Eagles started deep into their territory, but were able to drive 91 yards for a hit, thanks to Miles Sanders 2-yard TD.

The Eagles have only converted the ball twice this season prior to this game, but the Texans defense reached quarterback Jalen Hurts as it forced Stephen Nelson to swerve and recover Jonny Johnson. The Texans were unable to take advantage of the turnover.

Philly bounced back offensively, taking the lead at 79 yards. Kenneth Jenwell hit him in the end zone from 4 yards.

Two minutes before the yellow card, Damon Pierce grabbed the ball 36 yards to spark Houston’s attack. Pierce was a key offensive element and finished the game with 13 holders and 88 yards. Chris Moore had a pass in the end zone which initially ruled an incomplete pass on the field, but was later flipped to a score, hooking the game.

The Texas Mills protect well, which makes a huge difference to their usual attack. The confrontation against the Eagles’ defense is working in their favour so far. Houston enters the game with confidence and in a position no one expected.

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Philadelphia finished the half with a goal missed from 54 yards.

Heading into the game, the Eagles scored more points in the second quarter of games alone than the Texans scored all season in all seasons, but this game was a different story.

All real-time updates and analysis from this Thursday Night Football match can be found in the live blog below.