December 8, 2022


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Early heat wave in the western United States, records may fall

This week it has been placed almost everywhere in the western United States. “Emergency“Temperatures can range from 50 C especially due to the initial heat wave.

A prolonged and record-breaking heat wave is underway across Western America“A total of about 50 million people have been warned by the U.S. National Weather Service that the temperature will vary depending on the area.”But the trend is far beyond normal“This event will last at least until the weekend,” they say.

On average, temperatures can be as high as 11 C above the seasonal average, especially in the arid and desert regions of Arizona and Nevada. For example, the city of Phoenix recorded a temperature of 46 ° C (115 ° F) on Monday and Mercury is expected to approach 48 ° C over the weekend, with at least 30 ° Vs per night.

Such conditions “Rare, dangerous and deadly“, Warn experts.

Turn on the fires

In neighboring Nevada, Las Vegas is in danger of breaking the 1940 temperature record set by a thermometer that could reach 46.5 ° C on Wednesday. According to local media reports, such an intense and protracted episode has not been recorded in the region since the beginning of summer 2013.

Authorities are on the scene. “Refreshment Centers“Organized in various parts of the city and”Influencers“Specializes in campaigning to raise awareness about the dangers to pets and their owners during heat waves.

Global warming was officially recorded on July 10, 1913, not far from Las Vegas, in Death Valley, California: 56.7 C.

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In addition to the health effects of the heat waves, officials fear the effects of the intense heat of the wildfires, especially early this year and worsening by the severe drought that is raging in the western U.S.

All regions, including California, Oregon, Utah and Nevada, were 88% drought-prone, according to the latest records from government agencies. However, these arid soils and arid vegetation create conditions for temperature rise and form a catastrophic vicious circle.