August 9, 2022


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Edward Philip’s beard is becoming the laughing stock of internet users

Since he became Prime Minister, a lot has been said about Edward Philip. Not just for his candidacy for the presidency, but above all… his beard!

If Edward Phillip’s beard started to turn gray when he came to Madiknon, today it has already changed a lot because it is getting more and more white. But if this is what makes internet users so happy, the French Prime Minister revealed in the RDL package last April that this change in color was caused by a chronic disease called vitiligo, which causes some damage to the skin due to exposure to the sun.

If Edward Phillip says he treats the disease, internet users are having more and more fun on social networks. “Poor Edward Philip, he’s going to look like Father Christmas in December,” one user wrote on Twitter. “Edward Phillip is a serious Pokemon”, “Where’s Cruella?” 101 Missing Dalmatians “,” Edward Philip has a white beard and at the same time a black beard, he is the real king of pirates “,” When she is all white he will be president “,” He is a Dalmatian, “write others.

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