August 13, 2022


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Edward Snowden warns: The end of encryption will lead to death

If you weaken the encryption, people will dieSays Edward Snowden in a campaign to defend the right to privacy of news.

Although Belgium is isolated by many privacy advocates, it is fundamental Bill to end encryption of personal messages In the context of legal investigations, many voices are being raised to protect the personal data of each individual. In them Edward Snowden, The former CIA and NSA employee became popular in 2013 after exposing several US and UK mass surveillance programs to the public.

If you weaken the encryption, people will dieSnowden said Contacted. ⁇This year alone, after the fall of the Afghan government, we saw how important the encryption system was in keeping ordinary people safe.. ⁇

Without encryption, there are no whistleblowers

Officials point out that this would make it easier to track down and arrest criminals and terrorists, justifying their desire to end the encryption of communications. However, many experts point out that it is ineffective: “It should be understood that if this type of law is passed, criminals will find other sites and other means of communication. », Bart Breenell explainsCyber ​​security expert. “If encryption is blocked, we will make 3G and 4G networks much less secure because they can no longer be encrypted. We were all in danger. All conversations are likely to be heard. For me, governments want to weaken the security of our communications. ⁇

If this fight is so important to Snowden, it is because this encryption allowed him to spread messages that could not have been conveyed otherwise. Whistleblower’s first messages to the media were encrypted and allowed to reveal what he had revealed about millions of Americans being illegally subjected to mass surveillance.

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Encryption is required

So Snowden joined Global Encryption Alliance Start an encryption security campaign. “I have seen with my own eyes how governments abuse their power to access the personal information of innocent people in the name of national security.Says Snowden. “Weakening the encryption is the biggest mistake that can endanger thousands of lives. Encryption makes all of us more secure. From families protecting their children’s photos to personal health information, encryption keeps our personal information confidential. ⁇

Abandonment of encryption may endanger opponents, political opponents, LBTQ + people in countries where their sexual orientation is a crime, or other persons who are against the laws or morals of a country. Encryption allows journalists to protect their resources.

Today, more than ever, journalists face digital threats to their work and security. ”Says Lisa Ditmer, an online freedom lawyer for the Reporters Without Borders organization.“Encryption plays an important role in protecting journalists and their resources, allowing information to be shared even in the most dangerous environments..