January 30, 2023


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Edward started his party in support of Philip Macron

Former French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe on Saturday launched his own party, Horizons, to expand support for President Emmanuel Macron ahead of the 2022 presidential election. In Le Havre, where he will be mayor, Emmanuel Macron, who was prime minister from May 2017 to July 2020, unveiled the party’s name and form six months ago, in the presence of several members of parliament from the majority. Presidential election, he promised to support the outgoing president if he represents himself.

“With Horizons, we are going to define a strategy for France, which is a joint venture,” he said. He explained that the name was chosen “Because you have to look into the distance.”

This party will be “The logic of partnership and collection “ Dual member recognition, with one “Clear line”: “Support for the President of the Republic” So “The next five years will be worthwhile. “, He added.

Clearly, my goal is to have President Emmanuel Macron re-elected in 2022“While Emmanuel Macron’s supporters are trying to unite the various parties of the majority to build a” common house “, some suspect he wants to go it alone.

“It needs to expand its electoral base for this re-election”, A former member of the right-wing Les Republics (LR) party who did not take his card from Emmanuel Macron’s party La Repubblica n Marce (LREM), was created for the 2017 election campaign. Left, denoted by formula “At the same time”.

“What we are engaged in is a democratic struggle, long-term, but essential […] We have no strategy for 2050 “ And “I want to create it with you”, Edward Philip added a whole house – organizers said 3,000 participants.

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