August 10, 2022


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Eight customers leave his restaurant without paying, and the boss posts them on Facebook

A “resto-basketball” that the boss doesn’t like, giving two days to settle the bill.

No, restaurant-basketball isn’t ‘cool’ or ‘fun’“, pointing to the boss Golden Pub in Saint-Quentin. On Thursday, July 28, eight people came to eat at his establishment before leaving without paying. Those responsible for thisRestaurant-Basketball“want”Unfortunately, it was filmed and photographed by our surveillance systems“, the manager mentions bitterly in the Facebook post Courier Pickard.

So the latter shared a photo of the group sitting down, taking care to cover their faces with a carefully chosen emoji. “How pathetic if your parents or loved ones recognize you in our networks“The restaurant, which gave eight customers two days to come and pay the bill, assures us we can see the faces before sharing the initial photo.

“We have all the data about you”

The last step would of course be a report of your names and your pictures to the police, because yes, the magic of networks and computing, we have all the data you have.», warns the manager of the Golden Pub.

Launching this Friday at ten o’clock. So the eight fugitives have until Sunday morning to settle the bill.

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