January 30, 2023


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Eight of the ten Belgians on vacation on a plane this summer will travel to these two countries

“2021 may not be as good as 2019, but the trends of the past few weeks promise to be the best in the number of TUI holidays. […] Count to the end of August “, Welcome to the company‚Äôs latest press release.

In fact, as health improves, so does the desire for more places. TUI is progressing “The number of contaminants is still declining, increasing the vaccination rate in Belgium and places, eliminating the European Covit-19 digital certification and repeated isolation measures from July 1”, These various factors can lead to a clear increase in bookings Last minute “online and travel agencies”.

80% of travelers to Greece and Spain

Both countries are at the top of the reservation. “Traditionally the two most important European destinations, Spain and Greece, are more popular this summer than ever before. Both countries are neck and neck competing for the most popular destination, each booking 40% of previous flights without booking.”, The tour operator mentions.

There are several islands in these two countries where the health condition has improved faster than the land area. Turkey, Bulgaria and Italy are the top 5 most popular destinations for air travel.

For Belgians leaving by car, this is, above all, the privileged Belgian Artennes. France and Austria are also in high demand.

75% capacity recovery

According to a recent study by TUI, “80% of the interrogators wanted to go on vacation this summer, but they were still waiting to be sure of the possibilities of the trip. Since the TUI reservation waves have been watching since the end of April, it is increasing again every week.”. The tour operator therefore tells you to restart the engine according to these forecasts, a “Wind capacity for high season increased by 75% compared to a normal year”. The sector is committed to a path to a vibrant recovery.

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