October 7, 2022


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Emmanuel Andre Line for non-vaccinated: “Their denial cannot be imposed on other community”

This Tuesday, Quebec Prime Minister Franois Legalt made the announcement. That adults who refuse to be vaccinated with Covit-19 without a medical reason will be taxed. The French-speaking province of Canada has been hit hard by the Omigron wave.

Quebec’s logic is simple: 10% of people who have not been vaccinated to date should not harm the 90% who have been vaccinated. “It does not have to be paid for by all Quebecs. “, He explained at a press conference, “Financial burden on all Cubes “.

Franோois Legalt added this amount as well “Health Contribution” Should be “Remarkable”. Isn’t this tax risking further dividing our society? One thing is for sure, this is in line with the words of Emmanuel Macron, who said that he wants to “finally piss off” those who have not been vaccinated. “I understand and feel this dissatisfaction with the unvaccinated minority. Franசois Legalt added.

However, is such a tax possible in Belgium? In fact, anything is possible. Because in other countries, this divide is already very clear. In Quebec again, non-essential businesses such as selling cannabis and alcohol are banned for those who are not vaccinated. Austria and Italy have forced people over the age of 50 to be vaccinated. Singapore will no longer support the medical expenses of patients infected with the virus who refuse to be vaccinated.

The tough solutions that made Marius Gilbert jump in early December on the RTL set “This is not every day is Sunday”.“Are we going to tell smokers and heavy drinkers to pay for treatment? Can we say that speeding on the highway is ineligible for serious treatment? What’s the limit?” , Asked the rector and researcher in the field of epidemiology at ULB. “Everyone has the right to be treated in our community”, He added.

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On Twitter, Emmanuel Andre Quebec returned to action. “In the logic of justice, Quebec will tax people who refuse to be vaccinated without a valid medical reason because the health costs of their refusal cannot be imposed on others in the community.” By this sentence, the microbiologist is in favor of this new line.