November 30, 2022


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Emmanuel Macron does not confirm his presidential candidacy but “plans the country for 10 years”

French President Emmanuel Macron promised on Wednesday that he would not campaign for re-election in 2022, attacking his right-wing rival Valerie Pécresse, but agreeing to continue.Project itself“In process.

Some are in the countryside, but your servant: no“, He said during a two-hour interview on TF1 / LCI, however promising”Explicit“He had”The ambition of our country, the desire to do“Beyond the end of his five-year term scheduled for April.

I never thought I could do everything in five years“The head of state insisted,” I like.Continue the program“And”Keep an eye out“For”Say: “I have been presenting the country for ten years“.

I never thought I could do everything in five years

Repeated several times in his potential candidacy, he said before concluding this interview: “In my heart, before I can give you an honest and convincing answer, I need to integrate some elements.“.

But I still have to take responsibility for my responsibilities as we speak“In the face of the fifth wave of the Govt, he said. Continue:”From the point of view of the country (and) I am not in a position today to answer this question“.

Covid faced criticism from his right-wing rival, Valerie Beckress, over the uncontrolled budget expenditures in managing the economy in the face of the crisis and attacked the suppressor.Nearly 200,000“If he is elected president, he will be a civil servant.

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We desperately need it“And”Be precise“, He criticized, criticized the austerity of the budget”It never worked“According to him.”Those who did it raised taxes like never before“Mr. Macron teased.”I am not for cutting, but for creating“, he said.

From Economic Reforms to Govt-19 “Yellow underwear“Emmanuel Macron also long supported the results of his five-year term on Wednesday. While drawing a positive picture of his actions, the head of state admitted that he had made some mistakes, and, above all,”I learned“The various crises he has faced since 2017.