August 17, 2022


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Emmanuel Macron has declared that we will not make it compulsory for children to be vaccinated.

On Wednesday, Emmanuel Macron ruled that vaccinating children against Covit-19 was “desirable” but without any obligation.

“Between the ages of 5 and 11, health officials explained that it would be safe,” he told TF1, “so I think it’s desirable,” but “then, it’s the parents’ choice.”

Children “In recent weeks, children who have been hospitalized with severe forms, sometimes minor, have rarely even had dozens of cases,” he said. “Today we have no obligation to the children.”

As for tetanus, when asked about the hypothesis of long-term vaccination obligation, including adults, he ruled that it was “highly possible” even though he did not mention a decision in this direction.

Because, he argued, the health pass had already established an “almost vaccine duty”. “We’re almost there,” he reiterated, “when more than 90% of those who need to be vaccinated are vaccinated.”

But in this case he declared without further details that “in the coming weeks we will see with pragmatism.”

And the head of state continued, “We’ll go back to regular reminders,” an example of the annual influenza vaccine – which is not mandatory.

The flu “comes in a slightly different form every year, you have to be vaccinated again to get better protection”. “For this virus we are moving towards it,” he stressed.

“Many of our comrades are tired of this situation,” he admitted, “I’m just like you.” But he defended himself from setting up a “permanent control community” for the causes of the epidemic, and wanted to talk about an “awareness community” or “responsibility.”

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Boss will be temporary, and he promised: “It’s obvious because I do not think we will go on forever with this virus”.

He finally reiterated that “more than 5 million of our fellow citizens are not vaccinated for liability because they are not protected”.