February 2, 2023


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Emmanuel Macron points to Didier Rawlt about the vaccine situation in Marseille: “He was able to create these events”

French President Emmanuel Macron took part in a second day visit to the city of Marseille this Thursday, which will last until Friday. Opportunity for him to reveal his plan for the city of “Marseille My Grand”, but also to review the health status of the city. Also, often in the city of Pokmon, a man came up for discussion again: microbiologist Didier Rawold. Responding to a reporter’s question about the vaccination rate in the northern districts of the city, which is less than 30%, the head of state said: “Didier Rowland sometimes speaks in the media, which led to reactions and overreaction, and was able to create these events“Vaccine Rejection, LCI Report.

“A great scientist”

But I do not enter into these discussions, we must constantly have the best scientists, they must participate in the construction of science“However, before clarifying, he wanted to urge the President:”We must do justice to Didier Rowlett who is the best scientist“Emmanuel Macron was also upset.”Collectively, for months, we have, no doubt, abused the scientific debate by turning it into a media debate.. “In these matters, we must come to a scientific consensus and health authorities “, And the consensus is that “The vaccine is effective, the vaccine is safe, and [que] That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. “ He insisted.

In addition, Emmanuel Macron on Thursday did not rule out extending the duty of the health pass beyond November 15 in areas under strong pressure of the Govt-19 epidemic.

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