July 3, 2022


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Emmanuel Macron speaks after the assembly election: France must “learn to rule differently”

President Emmanuel Macron will speak from 8pm on Wednesday, the first time since the political crisis began on Sunday that he lost his absolute majority in the legislative elections.

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EManuel Macron acknowledged the “breaks” in the legislative elections and called on the political class to “legislate differently” and “compromise”, speaking to the French for the first time on Wednesday after losing an absolute majority in his camp. legislative Assembly.

“I ask for and support the change that the country has made clear, because it is my role to guarantee our institutions,” the head of state declared in a short speech of less than 10 minutes.

To this end, “I exchanged with the leaders of all political organizations yesterday and today”. Moreover, according to him, “everyone expressed their respect for our companies and their desire to avoid a barrier to our country”.

The referendum made the “presidential majority the first political force in the national legislature” but without an absolute majority, insisting on “expanding its responsibility by creating a coalition agreement or by creating a text majority by text”.

Act “for the good of the nation.”

“In order to work for your benefit and for the good of the nation, we must collectively learn to govern differently and legally.” “By building compromises, enrichments and amendments, with full transparency, I mean, by doing so in the will of the unity and function of the nation,” he added.

“To achieve effective progress, we need to say with full transparency how far political groups are prepared to go,” he said.

He also considered the establishment of a national unity government, as mentioned by some officials, “not justified to this day.”

Emmanuel Macron declared, “This summer,” we must adhere to a law that provides the best pay for purchasing power and work, the first decisions to move towards full employment, strong choices on energy and climate, urgent measures for our health, even if it is our hospital, even if it is contagious. All right. “

When he returned from the European summit in Brussels on Thursday and Friday, he noted that “we will begin to build this system and this new structure.”

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