October 7, 2022


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Emmanuel Macron takes up the challenge of McFly and Carlito and makes a noise (video)

In a video posted this Thursday on social media, Emmanuel Macron wished the school students a “good start” while holding a (very briefly) photo of McFly and Carlito. During a rivalry of events with two YouTubers, a pledge was made to the French president: to display the image of the two at his desk, during his speech.

“I wanted everyone who goes to school today to think. We do everything we can to get our students back to school as normally as possible in elementary school, college, high school, nursery school. To our students, to our teachers and to our families.”, The head of state facing the camera in this video, starts by holding a hidden frame in his hands.

“This re-entry continues to spread with the virus. In the face of the virus, there are popular banning gestures, the famous song of our friends McFly and Carlito, Then he said with a smile, two faces in it frowning at YouTubers while revealing the frame. “We must continue to be careful.”He continues before turning the law around again.

“Three out of five young people today have been vaccinated. We must continue.”, He insists, also recalled the importance of wearing a mask.

Shouting on the web

In the same video, Emmanuel Macron wanted to convey his thoughts to the family and colleagues of this history professor, Samuel, who was killed by an Islamic terrorist in October 2020.No one has forgotten, it reminds us of how beautiful the teaching profession is in the heart of the nation, of our covenant, for our children and for all of us.. “

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Quickly, this video did not fail to react on social networks. Many internet users condemn the indecency of the order.

Many elected officials were equally angry between this challenge and this tribute.