December 8, 2022


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Eric Gemmore Presidential Candidate? “I think more and more about how to implement what I say”

This Sunday evening, Eric Gemmore gave a lengthy interview to the “Black Book” media. On this occasion, he turned to rumors that he had been declared a candidate for the presidency. If such a candidacy had already indicated the danger of weakening the “national camp” in this election, Marine LeBron By supporting the victory of Emmanuel Macron, the main interested party seems to be playing with the situation.

I make more and more plans and think more and more about how to implement what I say. Maybe we should take action“, He declared very intriguing. By interfering every evening on the television channel CNUS, it is true that Eric Zemmor did not miss the opportunity to share many of his ideas and his ideas for influencing French policy. “They present plans in a vacuum (Editor’s note: Politicians). I do not understand what is happening to them from Emmanuel Macron to Marine Lebanon (…) I was naive, I thought if I asked for a proper diagnosis of our social problems, the action taken by political experts to capture and embrace it. But I do not see any politician doing that, so I’m thinking about what to do next and how to do it.“.

Many have interpreted these words as the premise of the official candidacy for the French presidency. This is not the first time he has suggested he could be a candidate. Already at the Paris premiere last April, when he was questioned on the matter, he explained that “this is not the answer he wanted to give immediately”. Many of his relatives said he was considering the department as the next president of France.

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During this interview, the journalist returned to his favorite subjects, Islam, immigration or misconceptions. “I have nothing against women, my only enemy is this indifferent feminism. I think this feminism is dangerous, criminal and dictatorial (…) What is putting women at risk today? (…) Today I think the best way to protect women is to fight against migration from the South Mediterranean to a civilization that locks women ins “, he specifically declared.

We lost a war, but not the war, and we really have to fight if we want to win it. There is no loser about this, but it is a very hopeful, but not stupid, reality-based belief “, He finished this interview.