August 19, 2022


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Eric Zemmor wants to “force people to give French names”: Emmanuel Macron reacts

During a visit to the renovation site of the French National Library in Paris we are often asked in political debate the question of our identity as head of state in a speech.

“But our identity has never been short or structured by first names or forms of tension,” he commented, first of all about the debaters ’plans.

Eric Zemmor, a former political journalist who has twice been accused of inciting racial hatred, and did not hide his presidential aspirations, said he wanted to “force people to give French names” to call his child Mohamed, C ‘. ‘

Emmanuel Macron continued, “Our country, our nation is built by two institutions, the state and the language.” “Today this is a language that is not on the shores of central China, but there is more skepticism towards the Congo river basin,” he said Tuesday evening.

On Radio Europe 1 and the news channel, former right-wing leader Nicolas Sarkozy (2007-2012) on Tuesday evening criticized Eric Semmor, calling him a “sign of emptiness” in the political debate.

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