February 3, 2023


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Eric Zemore and the media

In France, Eric Zemmour succeeded in imposing his far-right views and lies on the agenda of the French, although his first meeting as a candidate for the presidency gathered 11,000 people in Wilbinde “alone” in early December (expected to exceed 15,000). Villepinte or some French media had a significant role to play in the rise of power at work for many years … but they were not the only ones.

Media site

Shortly before the date of his first meeting on December 5, Eric Zemmur took a good place in the media due to the violence against anti-racism activists and journalists. Jérémy Hamers, a documentary and media education lecturer at ULiège, distinguishes three different types of relationships between the presidential candidate and the media: the person first became famous in the writing journal as a columnist and journalist (Le Figaro and Le Figaro magazine, editor’s note), and later on television. Eric Zemmor has since been a “guest” on various shows. Finally, he appears to be almost a candidate or a candidate for the presidency from December 5th.

Eric Gemmore benefited from actual forums when he was not yet a candidate. These invitations certainly benefited the politician in the production, but his highly divisive statements also benefited the media as Zemmour created an audience as he had already proven himself as a columnist.

A sound board

Opinion shared by Laura Calabris, Lecturer on Networks and Professor of Information and Communication Science at ULB. She believes that “If he uses the media well, we can not deny that some media outlets use it to reach audiences, especially if all voices are the same weight television entertainment, the voice of a historian and a denier of history. Anything can be said for sure.”.

The television acted as a real sound board Eric Zemmour with his interventions during the first five seasons of Laurent Ruquier’s show “We Did Not Lie” on France 2 (2006 to 2011). Most recently, he became a leading columnist Facing information, In the first part of the evening, on the non-stop news channel CNews (formerly I-Télé), Vincent Pollor’s channel broke the audience record (peak of 852,000 viewers and 1,140,000 viewers on average).

Disabling the broadcast source is not enough

But the media created Eric Jemmoor? Or is it to say that it created itself using the media? “No!”, Says Laura Calabres. “Beyond the media, it is important to note that moments of intense dissent are moments of great frustration where there is a positive reproduction. It would be a mistake to regard the question as a media problem altogether: ubiquitous talk..

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The shock and instability caused by the attacks in Paris and the ensuing attacks were due to a number of factors, including the presence of asylum seekers or immigrants via France, socio-economic problems, the management of the epidemic and the difficult restructuring of French politics. Landscape at the beginning of the millennium.

“Identity of France”

In this context, Eric Zemmour uses his reading phase as a theory of the “great alternative” whose copy goes to the French writer Renaud Camus, who is at work working on and supporting the transformation of the French population by non-European people according to racist theory. Elite. This process – which will lead to a change of civilization in Europe – is a criterion for conspirators and the far right.

In his last article France did not say its last word, Eric Gemmor did not go to the dead hand: “No small town, not even a small village in France, is safe from Chechens, or Kosovars, or McRabeans or Africans from the barbaric clothing of theft, rape, robbery, torture, and murder.”. This is only one of the many divisive sentences thus given.

On January 6 in Europe 1 was asked about the intense talk about Emmanuel Macron’s antivox, Eric Says Gemmer “Divisive Policy”. He follows: “I did not turn Covid into a presidential debate (as Macron, as the author notes), a presidential debate, it is a sign of France.”

“1930s Campaigner”

The hysteria over foreigners, Muslims and Inbox is forming the backbone of the far-right candidate’s campaign. Recently, Eric Marshall Betten, “Jemmour insisted.He defended the French Jews and gave them to foreign Jews. “ During World War II. To the writer Antoine Vitkine, who spoke to the Le Monde newspaper on October 25, Eric Gemmore exploits Vichy’s sense of shame for the benefit of reactionary and racist thinking.

“Beyond the use of the media, what can be said about the Gemmurian discourse is that it is openly poured into propaganda.” Analyzes Laura Calabrese, a speech expert on ULB networks. “I would rather associate him with a 1930s propagandist than a telecommunications teacher, because he succeeds in imposing ideas that have no basis (e.g., saved French Jews) by speaking again and again in response to fears. Population (immigration, insecurity, the decline of France).”.

Freedom, equality, diversity

Three months before the first round of the French presidential election (April 10), ideasEric According to an IFOP poll conducted from January 3 to 5 with 1332 people, Zemmour touched the mark with 13.5% of the electorate. The far-right candidate, incumbent President Emmanuel Macron (27%, Republicans in March), Valérie Pécresse (Les Républicains) and Marine Le Pen (National Rally), each came in with 16% of the vote. Left-wing candidates are far behind.

The study and the space occupied by it by the candidatures of far-right Marines Le Pen and Eric Zemor, are questioning the media about the news of these candidates and how they have conducted or are conducting their ideas.

To Jeremy Hammers, “One of the ways to fight the far right in its ‘Zemmourian’ version, based on non-rational, misguided rationality or simplistic rationality, is to re-introduce real exchange and real debate in the media.” It is about not being locked in by the election calendar and the rhetoric of a candidate, especially if he is far-right, restructuring his words and opening the door to diversity.

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