May 17, 2022


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Europeans set fire to allow Russian oil after gas bomb drawn by Moscow

About ten days after the holiday, member states are snoring … waiting for the election results in France.

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Journalist in the World Service

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V.Latimir Putin will make his first real response to the avalanche of European sanctions that have plagued the Russian economy since the beginning of the invasion. But by closing gas valves to Poland and Bulgaria, the Kremlin is shooting itself: no more financial income …

“This is basically a move by Russia to punish itself,” the EU chief said immediately on Wednesday. Of course. But the apparently irrational decision was a stern warning sent by Moscow to Europeans standing in the way of their “special military operation” (sic) in Ukraine. They are redoubled their efforts to supply heavy weapons to kyiv. As the EU prepares to create a sixth embargo against Moscow, it should particularly attack Russian oil.

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