October 7, 2022


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Everything you need to know about this Saturday, December 18th in Belgium and around the world

How is the corona virus infection, omigron variant and vaccine campaign evolving in Belgium and around the world? Here is a summary of information for this Saturday, December 18th.


At -9% intensive treatment, the drop of new contaminants continues

All numbers, including intensive care, are moving in the right direction this Saturday. We take the latest data from the Sciensano Public Health Institute.

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In the face of opposition to the measures, “we must ask”

A new demonstration will be held this Sunday in Brussels against the Govt safe ticket and vaccine duty. Sociologist Bruno Frere believes that we should listen to critics, rather than categorizing the individuals involved. However, with vigilance, the far-right immediately wave a wave of anger.

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Covit in Picardy Valonia: It is slowly declining

With 15% less fresh pollution than last week, the trend of Picardy Valonia is declining. However, it has been confirmed that if the number of infections increases at a lower rate than in many other areas, it also decreases.

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Luxembourg Province: The economy is in good shape with the help of Corona

The Chamber of Commerce reiterates the disparities in the health of sectors. Retirement homes have been affected by the Govt crisis

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Huy prison paralyzed by Govt: several inmates have been victimized

We learned from a good source on Saturday morning that the Huy prison has been paralyzed since Friday evening as many inmates have been infected with the corona virus.

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In the Netherlands, experts demand stricter control

Corona virus: Dutch experts recommend closing all departments except stores that are considered essential in the Netherlands.

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Portugal begins vaccinating its children

Portugal, one of the countries with the highest vaccination coverage rates in the world, follows in the footsteps of other European countries in the full development of the Omigron variant, launching a vaccination campaign for children aged 5 to 11 on Saturday.

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“The Trump administration has begun a shocking process.”

A congressional report released on Friday states that former President Donald Trump “blocked the national response to the Covit-19 epidemic for his own political purposes” as “one of the worst leadership failures in American history.”

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France is expected to introduce vaccines for children on Wednesday

The day after the government announced that the Health Pass in France would become a “vaccine pass” in early 2022, Health Minister Olivier Veron said, “We want the French to be vaccinated.”

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Cancellation of fireworks display and New Year’s concerts at the Champs-Elysees

The Paris mayor announced this Saturday that he was canceling planned crackers and concerts at Champs-Elysées on New Year’s Day in order to use the measures demanded by the government to fight the Govt epidemic. 19.

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The Omicron variant found in 89 countries is spreading rapidly

The World Health Organization (WHO) on Saturday diagnosed Omigran in 89 countries, but there are questions about the extent of the threat posed by this new variant of the corona virus.

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Restricted to the Netherlands during the year-end holidays

Dutch Prime Minister Marc Rutte told a news conference on Saturday afternoon that restrictions on the holiday season were “inevitable” due to the rising number of corona virus cases due to the Omigron variant.

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Thousands of people in Germany protest against compulsory vaccination

Several thousand people protested against the compulsory vaccination in Hamburg (north) and Dசsseldorf (west) on Saturday, which was approved by the German parliament last week for medical personnel and scheduled for other people early next year.

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Kevin Durant was ruled out, with 8 Nets players affected

Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant had to submit to the NBA’s anti-Govt protocol, his team announced Saturday, and now has eight players in the situation.

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Albert Zambi Lokonga test positive

Albert Zambi has tested positive for the Lokonga corona virus and will miss Arsenal’s game against Leeds on Saturday, the London club said on Twitter.

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