August 17, 2022


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“Exhibition in the city was better without restrictions”

“Shoverfer” version “Govit”, let’s go! If the big traditional exhibition is canceled again due to epidemic, the banquet has been replaced by the “Fun in Classics” event, where various notable venues and fair gastronomy stands “D’Stot Lift” summer entertainment program.

The opening ceremony took place this morning at Alderman College in the capital, after which visitors were able to find about fifteen seats for thrill seekers, twenty sports stands and reasonable gastronomy stands and some rides for children.

Apparently, in the aisles of the exhibition, regulars regretted the time the festivities were animated at the end of the summer in Luxembourg. “It’s not very happy. We have to wear the bracelet to eat in the allotted area. It was nice when there were no restrictions,” Jessica from Remix continues with her friends Lynn and Lena. . ”

“It starts well”

The site is actually divided into two zones. One for attractions, the other for catering. But at fair grounds, it wins over all relief: “It starts well, I have an impression. We haven’t worked for 8 months, we’re glad to be back, thank you to the city,” responds the hop hop manager, who has been around for more than 20 years each year.

There are still thrills like roller coasters that are already enjoying great success. With the exception of Albina Bahn, the world’s largest transportation “coaster” Superfire is already in 2019, with the world’s largest transportation roller coaster five loops, Olympia looping, especially waiting for you thrilling locations known to the general public such as Bayer Curve, Break Dance or Shakers.

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A good time and a chance to remember the good memories of Superbear, real …

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