November 26, 2022


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Facebook whistleblower Francis Hogan warns of his “metawares”

Facebook whistleblower Frances Hougan on Wednesday warned French delegates against the US corporation’s plans.Metawares“, This virtual parallel world of the physics world, where the company sees enormous business potential.

I am very worried“Facebook’s plans, especially on its willingness to create truly professional environments in this metaware”, She explained.

“Suppose you work from home and your employer decides to become a Metawares company.” From Facebook, she explained. “You can no longer decide whether or not Facebook can spy on you …”

The Metawares Allow Facebook “Gather a lot of new data about yourself”, She recalled, warning against the use of “sensor” Or some “Microphones” In the user’s environment.

“Approval Problem”

“This is an important issue because it is a consent issue.”, She noted.

Before a similar meeting in the Senate on Wednesday afternoon, Francis Haugan was questioned by the French National Assembly’s Committee on Laws and Economic Affairs on Wednesday morning.

Metawares (Meta and Summary of the Universe) is Mark Zuckerberg’s new Holy Grail, Founder and boss of Facebook, he decided to rename his group as Meta.

This digital backbone of the physics world, especially based on the virtual 3D universes, makes it possible to maximize human interactions by freeing the body from control.

Francis Hougen is in Paris after passing through Brussels, where he gave his support to the new European regulation called the Internet DSA (Digital Services Act).

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