January 29, 2023


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Firecracker stuck in his dress, family explodes before removing it (VIDEO)

Elisangela Dinem joins revelers on the beach to watch New Year’s Eve fireworks in Nova Mirim district. Unfortunately, as the mother of two approached, a pyrotechnic device got caught in her clothes. In front of her horrified and helpless loved ones at the scene, the firecracker exploded before she could dispose of it.


Footage broadcast by local television shows the horrifying moment as hundreds of people watch the scene before they see a spark in the sky and large sparks spiraling out of control. It explodes and panics in the crowd. Everyone runs to save themselves with cries of terror.

Elisangela luckily survived. She died of a chest injury. One of his relatives told the police that the firecracker exploded after it got caught in his clothes.

A homicide investigation is underway as police are currently looking for the person who lit the fuse, especially since many firecrackers are not allowed.

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