March 21, 2023


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Five beasts were lying on the ground, “Get close to them…”

“The results could have been very dramatic. In a few minutes, my trainer or I could have touched the cable. Alexandre Noisette was on his father’s farm in Villeroy on Monday morning when he decided to take his cows out of the barn to get some fresh air in the field at the back of the farm. “As usual, we “We leave them for an hour and it’s time to put the hay back in,” explains Alexandre Noisette. But this time when he returns to look for them, he notices five of them lying lifeless on the grass. Voice of the North.


Approaching, the farmer quickly found the culprit: an electric cable had come loose from a pole crossing the pasture. Alexandre quickly retreats and warns the Enetis team to cut off the power as quickly as possible. “This line has not been maintained for years and every time an incident happens. Last year, the technicians already had to intervene because the cables weren’t tight enough and we couldn’t even move our machines. If the work was carried out during the day, the operators’ families noticed that two other cables had fallen again by the end of the afternoon. “It’s not really serious, Alexandre Noiset sighs. Especially since we said that electricity can flow without touching the cable. Get close to it. »

For now, the owners of the 80 animals do not want to file a complaint. Filed for insurance claim. “The damage is too much. We lose the cow, the milk it cannot produce, not to mention the moral damage. »

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