October 7, 2022


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Five members of a new Nazi group in custody for a planned attack

Five people have been detained in police custody in France since Tuesday on suspicion of plotting to assassinate a small neo-Nazi group, particularly the Masonic Lodge, judicial sources said Thursday.

In this document, three members of this small group “Respect and Nation“Already charged”Criminal Terrorist Association“And was jailed in early May.

Three of the five, aged 23 to 58, were arrested in Nivre (center), Sorrento-Maritime (west) and Hauts-de-Seine (Paris area). The detainees were taken from jail in police custody last April as part of an investigation into the abduction of the girl at the request of the girl’s mother.

According to a source close to the case, they already belong to the entourage of the accused in this investigation.

It is suspected that the latter wanted to prepare a violent operation against the Masonic Lodge. However, this plan did not appear immediately.

They were arrested in May following exchanges between them, especially since they were researching potential explosives and conducting locations.

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