May 18, 2022


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Food shortages, new pro-Russian mayors, missing persons: life under Russian occupation in southern Ukraine

Foreign newspapers have no access to these areas, except under the auspices and Russian subsidiary. Reports prepared under these conditions allow a little more to be known. Such as messages from political leaders on social networks or testimonies of citizens fleeing these places.

Although they are often asked to testify anonymously, they have freedom of speech. People like Vladislav Relentzk from Melitopol are more independent than those who responded to a journalist’s question with Russian soldiers in these words: “It’s hard to say what you think. We are neutral. We will say the same. “.

Terror, theft, shame

It should be ruled by the Russians Terrible. “They were persistent Drunk. They walked the streets and made their lights shine towards the windows. Sometimes they shoot“Between Melidopol and Saporizia, Natasha Porsche recalled leaving an area somewhat controlled by the Russians.

He told the AFP he had met some of his acquaintances Was imprisonedIn their cellars “The arms and legs are tied“, And the mother of one of his friends”Was abducted“.”No one knows what happened to him. ”

The Flights Are legion. In cities and villages, or at checkpoints, in the form of fraud. Checkpoints are similarShame : You often have to undress there to show that you have not been pro-Ukrainian tattooed.

And, like Russia, the Mobile phone tests There are often.

FSB lists

All Kherson residents interviewed by AFP in early April said they had seen or heard of Russian soldiers visiting the residences. “They People were looking for Whose names are on some kind of list. They have entered houses and are armed and cannot resist them“, Explains Tetiana, a university employee.

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This testimony did not surprise Nicholas Cossett, a researcher at the Royal Institute of Defense. These practices have already been reported in Melitopol and Bertians.

We knowHe says, From the first weeks, FSB listings (Russian Intelligence Service, Editor’s note) Reported To the Russian National Guard. They are purposeful Urge to cooperate Journalists, socio-cultural actors, political actors, etc. Those who disagree may disappear as often happens. We know that there is DeportationsAnd some Torture. “

Putin’s Pretorian Guardian

Russian National Guard, The RosquardiaCreated in 2016, reports directly to Vladimir Putin. This is the current occupation force in Ukraine. “So, these occupied territories are occupied by the FSB on the one hand, and people are being screened, and on the other, there is a military occupation of Rosquardia’s public square.. “

Of course, in the population, not everyone is opposed, and some residents condemn others for collaborating with the enemy. The Demonstrations Made in Kherson RareThey are tough Suppressed. First, the Ukrainian flag flew continuously over the town hall, and the mayor was able to stay in place. But On April 25, the flag was removed. And appointed Russian occupier A new mayor : Igor Kustykevich, A. Russian vice United Russia, Vladimir Putin’s party.

This was done in other cities, especially Melitopol, Or The mayor was also abducted In several days, And replaced by a pro-Russian Ukrainian. Little by little, the Russians set up a military-civilian occupation administration.


In a report filmed under Russian surveillance, a television crew was able to film the central square of Melidopol. It is guarded by military trucks that can broadcast patriotic songs. A Red flag decorated with scythe and hammer Now floating there.

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