February 3, 2023


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For whom, for what? And what is the difference between a surgical mask?

Due to the Omicron wave, some European countries have decided to impose the wearing of the FFP2 mask in busy areas. Austria has decided to make it compulsory abroad. What about us? We take part.

This week, Godco recommended use These FFP2 masks Vulnerable persons or those in contact with them. The FFP2 mask is highly recommended for affected individuals.

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“The FFP2 mask is worn when in close contact with someone who is positive for Kovit, for example caregivers. This mask is also worn by the most vulnerable.”, Professor Alexia Verogan, Professor of Infection Prevention and Control at St. Luke’s University Clinics.

FFP2 protects the wearer of the mask

According to him, due to the high traffic of Omigron, even these aforementioned people can “Wear a mask when you are outside”. In fact, fabric masks and surgical masks mainly protect others by preventing water droplets from being worn by the wearer. FFP2 masks protect not only others but also the wearer by filtering inhaled air.

“The FFP2 mask filter is very sophisticated, making it possible to prevent particles of bacteria or viruses from entering a person’s face.” Alexia Verogan explains. What else, “The shape adapts to the person’s face.. Even if she says, “The brand is not good for bearded men”.

Note that if the average price of a cloth mask is 5 euros and 0.20 cents for a surgical mask, it is 1 to 3 euros for FFP2. You can also find these in pharmacies.

“Currently, the supply chain is continuous, so FFP2 masks can still be obtained from pharmacies.”, Assures Nicholas Eciment, spokesman for the Belgian Pharmaceutical Society. “When you are hesitant about the quality of a product or mask, it is better to go to the pharmacy because there are also pharmacists to advise patients. He adds.

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As a reminder, the FFP2 mask provides optimal protection for up to 4 hours.