June 25, 2022


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Former Russian colonel admits to Russia’s isolation: ‘Although we hate to admit it, the world is against us’

“First, we must not take for granted the so-called moral and psychological degradation of the Ukrainian armed forces. To put it bluntly, all of this is false,” says Mikhail Kodaryonok.

He admits it could be for some factions or prisoners of war: “But we should always look at the bigger picture,” the ex-soldier notes.

A journalist on the set tries to reconsider the statement: “There are personal cases that give an idea of ​​what is going on in Ukraine. It is significant that many sections have already explained that they do not have the funds and weapons. You can not omit that factor,” he replied.

“Of course, but from a global strategic point of view, Ukraine is capable of arming a million people,” he said. “The question is to what extent they can provide weapons and modern equipment to their forces,” he continues.

According to Mikhail Kodarionok, European assistance will be crucial in the end of this conflict, and it is necessary to take this threat “seriously in the very near future.”

Moreover, the retired Russian colonel decides the level of professionalism of an army, not the number of personnel in it, but the training of the personnel, their determination and their willingness to shed blood for the motherland: “And in Ukraine, they want to fight to the last man,” he promises.

Finally, Mikhail Kodaryonok says that Russia is entering a dangerous international frontier: “Sooner or later, the historical truth will strike you very hard, and you will regret it.” “After all, our main shortcoming is that we find ourselves in complete geopolitical isolation, and no matter how much we hate to admit it, the whole world is against us. That’s what we need to get out of,” he concludes.

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