December 8, 2022


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Former TF1 presenter Jean-Pierre Bernard lamented: “I owe him everything …”

Media man Etienne Mujot, who topped the DF1 team for nearly 20 years and then head of the daily Le Figaro for 2007 and 2012, died on Thursday at the age of 81.

A key figure in the French media landscape, he has passed several editorial offices. Among his last professional adventures were: the management of the Radio Classic station from 2012 to 2018 and the chairmanship of Walmond’s press team, the owner of Conservative Weekly Vale Wales from 2015.

Among the personalities who paid homage to him, we find Jean-Pierre Bernard. The famed presenter of TF1’s 20 Hours tweeted a brief tribute to the man who actually taught him everything: With Patrick Ley, he did TF1, ”he wrote.

“The great television expert, the journalist at heart, the interest in life … I owe him to everyone else,” he added, adding that the death affected him greatly.

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