August 9, 2022


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Former Trump spokesman makes several revelations in book, describing his “terrifying” anger

In the book “I ask your question now“To be released next week, Stephanie Grisham, who held several positions in the White House during the Trump era, is making a number of behind-the-scenes revelations of the Trump administration. The visit, which was not announced to the press in advance, raised questions and angered Donald Trump in the process.

In his book, former White House spokesman Donald Trump says the visit actually happened for a routine colonoscopy. Without using the right word, he explains, it is a “very common process” in which a “patient is asleep”. He says he was subjected to a similar procedure when George W. Bush was in office. However, former President Bush had several colonoscopes during his tenure.

According to Stephanie Grisham, the trip was not announced because Donald Trump did not want Mike Pence, then vice president, to be in power during the anesthesia. She also raises Trump’s fear of being joked about during many late American shows.

Many expressions

But the former White House spokesman’s book is not limited to this incident, and makes several revelations behind the scenes of the Trump administration. Stephanie Grisham confirms that to calm the millionaire’s “terrifying” anger, a person has been assigned to the White House to broadcast his favorite songs, including “Memory” extracted from the music of “Cats”. . This man was nicknamed the “Man of Music”.

Stephanie Grisham looks back on Donald Trump’s alleged affair with Stony Daniels and Karen McDougall following revelations describing Melania Trump’s “anger”. “After Storm Daniels’ story broke down and all the other women’s accusations continued, it felt like Ms Trump had really gone wild.“She writes.”She was always independent of her husband, but now, as the first woman to be victimized and publicly humiliated, she wanted or did not want to do what she wanted.. “

Stephanie Grisham also discusses Donald Trump’s attitude towards Putin. He reportedly told the Russian president that he would be treated harshly in front of the cameras during the 2019 G20 summit.

Former spokesman Donald Trump lifts the veil on one of the biggest mysteries in public: his hair. He says the former president is cutting them himself. “With a large pair of scissors, a ribbon can be cut during a large opening in its properties“.

“A pathetic attempt”

The publication of the book will go unnoticed by the Trump family, who have already accused Stephanie Grisham of seeking a refund.

Donald Trump, who contacted CNN about the comments made in the book, said it was a shame that publishers continued to distribute this “very boring rubbish”. “We and the MAGA movement are completely accustomed. And one day, in the distant future, we will find our voice and be treated fairly by the press.“According to Liz Harrington, this book” is another pathetic attempt to use the power of the president to sell lies about the Trump family. “

The purpose of this book is clear. “Melania Trump’s office told the Washington Post. “It is an attempt to recover himself after poor performance as press secretary, failed personal relationships and unprofessional behavior in the White House. Through lying and betrayal, he seeks to gain relevance and money at the expense of Ms Trump.

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