May 17, 2022


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Former US President Bill Clinton has been discharged from hospital

“Clinton was released from UC Irwin Medical Center today,” said Dr. Albash N. Amin said in a statement released on Twitter by Mr Clinton’s spokesman. Live footage from CNN showed Mr. Clinton wearing a face mask with his wife, Hillary, leaving the facility and giving a thumbs up in front of the cameras.

“His fever and white blood cell count have returned to normal, and he will return home to New York to complete treatment with antibiotics,” Dr. Amin said.

The former president would have spent five nights in the hospital.

According to the American media, he first suffered from a urinary tract infection, which spread to the bloodstream and caused sepsis.

He felt tired when he was in California for an event related to his foundation. He went to the hospital, where the risk of Covit-19 or heart problems was ruled out.

She lives with Hillary Clinton in Chappaqua, New York.

From 1993 to 2001, US President Bill Clinton faced many health problems in the past. He had to be hospitalized in 2004. He underwent four-fold coronary bypass surgery to clear the four arteries, and in 2010 he underwent angioplasty. This prompted him to follow a vegetarian diet and publicly discuss the dietary changes he undertook to stay in better health. “If I hadn’t eaten so many burgers and steaks, if there had been less stress in my life, things would have been different,” he told the ABC channel.

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