December 8, 2022


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France: A “dazzling” 5th wave, worries are rising

Nevertheless, a spokesman for the French government balances “the elements that make us anxious and the elements that make us trust”.

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LOn Sunday, government spokesman Gabriel Attal warned that the current progress of the 5th wave of Govt-19 was “dazzling”, but weighed in “the elements that make us anxious and the elements that can trust us.”

“This 5th wave is starting in a dazzling way,” said the foreign secretary, a guest on Europe 1, CNEWS and Les Echos.

When counted in an average of 7 days (which gives a more faithful view), the number of daily cases almost doubled in a week: it was 17,153 on Saturday, up from 9,458 the previous Saturday. This represents an 81% increase.

This increase is so rapid that it is a sign that the epidemic is going fast: before that, it took three weeks for the number of daily cases to increase at the same rate.

But the problem is that, like the previous waves, the increase in these infections will lead to a massive visit to the hospital.

At present, this is not the reason for the authorities to vaccinate, which is very effective in preventing severe forms of the disease (even if it is less against the pollution of the delta variant).

On Saturday, 7,974 Govt patients were hospitalized in France, of which 1,333 were in critical care services (most serious cases) a month ago at 6,500 and 1,000 respectively.

“We see a very strong increase in pollution, but in France, we also know that we have a much broader vaccine protection (and) we have a greater presence in the vaccine booster than our neighbors,” he said. Atal said Sunday. , Praising the establishment of the Health Pass in July, said “most of the countries around us have implemented it”.

When asked about Boss’s performance, he presented “102%” checks in recent days compared to the previous week, or “In the first four days of this week, 70,000 people have been tested and more than 4,300 surveys have been opened to the public.”

Through the Health Pass, the government considers, he stressed, “this choice puts more restrictions on those who are not vaccinated than on those who are vaccinated.”

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