June 25, 2022


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France announces changes in its health measures

This Thursday evening, French Prime Minister Jean-Costex made important announcements regarding health measures in France. We take part.

You have to remember

– The vaccine pass will take effect on Monday, January 24th

The vaccination pass will come into effect “subject to the decision of the Constitutional Council” from Monday, following a health pass for at least 16-year-olds.

This pass will be used to access leisure activities, restaurants and drinking water companies, exhibitions, seminars and trade shows and regional public transport. Mr. According to Costex, its establishment, which makes it possible to “remove most of the restrictions it has taken,” was suspended by the end of Friday of the Constitutional Council, which was seized by representatives of the opposition and senators.

– The booster for the third dose will be open to teens (ages 12-17) starting Monday, January 24th

The government will be open from Monday and on duty, reminding everyone 12-17 of the vaccine against Govt-19. “It has been decided to open the booster for 12- to 17-year-olds with chronic illnesses.

– Vaccine pass will be effective from the first dose if taken before February 15th

– Nightclubs reopen on February 16 and return to stand-up concerts

The discotheques, which had been closed since December 10 due to being considered polluted by Covit-19, will reopen on February 16 and concerts that stop on this date will be able to resume.

As of Wednesday, February 16th, sustainable consumption in pubs is possible again. In addition, it is again possible in theaters, cinemas and transport.

– Stop wearing masks and face masks in areas open to the public from February 2

Wearing the mask will not be mandatory from February 2, and measurements will be dropped in areas open to the public on that date.

– Teleworking is “no longer mandatory”, but is recommended from February 2

Teleworking is “no longer mandatory” but is recommended on this date, the head of government pointed out.

– Ethical relaxation “expected” when returning from February vacation

“As soon as we return from the February school holidays, we can consider lowering health standards within schools,” the prime minister said, referring to the use of masks or tests to be performed.

The last zonal holiday return date is March 7th.

Responding to a reporter’s question, Jean Costex said the current protocol would remain in effect until the start of the February holidays.

“There are three zones (holidays: teacher’s note), we will use this time to see how things are going and contact health officials at the beginning of the school year to what extent (…) we can modify the device,” he said.

There are currently 17,037 closed classes in France, up from 14,380 on Friday, January 14th, the head of government said.

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