January 30, 2023


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France: For Marine Le Pen, Gemmore’s candidacy in 2022 will weaken the “national camp”

“I am deeply attached to democracy (…), which raises only one question for me: what is the interest of this candidate?”

R.N. According to the leader of the party, “Objectively, this is a candidate who will help Emmanuel Macron to get first place in the presidential election, which the elections have not yet given him.”

Speculation is rife about Mr Zemmer’s willingness to take action in active politics, while various individuals have spoken out in his favor. According to the Politico letter, Mr. Gemmer would also have sought a campaign manager.

When questioned, Ms Le Pen said she had spoken to reporters. “I tell him: you are a writer and a writer is respected and listened to. Do not weaken the national camp to which you are attached even a little more,” he said, not wanting to go any further. This exchange.

“Be careful not to look for sheep with five legs: we think we are like Marine Le Pen, but we do not want to vote for Marine Le Pen,” RN Sebastian Chenou’s spokeswoman warned on PFMTV, while at the same time finding Eric Zemmer. Allied camp “.

“Marine Le Pen is so capable of winning this election today that all the polls show that only she can beat Emmanuel Macron, (…) the others did not make it to the second round!”, He promised. .

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