February 3, 2023


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France has called on its people to leave Russia

France now recommends its citizens crossing Russia. “Leave without delay“Because of the country”Increasing restrictions on air travel between Russia and EuropeIn two press releases released on Sunday, and urging all French people to leave Belarus by road.

Following the invasion of Ukraine, “The European Union (EU) has announced the immediate closure of European airspace for Russian aircraft and aircraft“, The French Foreign Ministry underlines its recent advice to travelers to Russia.

Air traffic control

Most European airlines, including Air France, have suspended service to Russia and more flights since this Sunday evening, February 27.“, According to the text.

Due to increasing restrictions on air traffic between Russia and Europe, it is strongly recommended that French people (tourists, visitors, students, professionals on duty) crossing Russia be arranged to leave the country without delay by existing air links.“, Ministry adds, call”Postpone any trip to Russia“.

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