December 8, 2022


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France is very close to the 1,000 Govt patients in intensive care

Critical care services welcome 992 patients, with 91 new additions from Tuesday, the previous day 978, and 859 more than a week ago.

The number of people admitted to the hospital started a few days ago, up from 7,208 patients on Wednesday to 7,137 on Tuesday.

This increase is most significant for figures within a week, which smooths the trend. One week ago, 2,511 hospitals were admitted to 1,554 hospitals and 298 intensive care units, including 511 intensive care units in seven days.

The relative slowdown of the daily improvement of these figures differs from the incidence of pollution observed over two weeks.

A new record of 27,934 positive cases was registered on Wednesday (26,871 on Tuesday), the highest since April 28. The positive rate was stable at 4.1%

Health Minister Oliver Warren announced on Tuesday the “decoration between hospitals and diagnoses”, saying “thanks to the vaccine, there are fewer patients admitted to hospital due to the severe form of covit in our country than in previous waves.”

The disease has claimed 40 patients in a 24-hour hospital stay for a total of 111,768 deaths since the outbreak.

On the vaccination side, since the campaign began at the end of 2020, 41,188,399 people have received at least one injection (61.1% of the total population) and 34,403,826 now have a complete vaccination schedule (i.e. 50.5% of the total population), according to a report by the Directorate of Health (DGS). .

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