August 9, 2022


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France: Justice Minister Eric DuPont-Moretti accused of conflicts of interest

He is suspected of using his position as Minister of Justice to settle accounts in cases involving a lawyer.

U.S.First scene in France for the seated Minister of Justice. Eric DuPont-Moretti, who was summoned before the judges this Friday morning, explained to himself the suspicion of conflicts of interest between his action as keeper of the seals and his previous actions as a lawyer. Bitter year for a minister celebrating his first year in government.

It is suspected that DuPont-Moretti used his seal-keeper position as a lawyer to settle accounts in cases involving him by ordering an administrative hearing on several judges, including three judges in the National Financial Advocate’s Office (PNF). .

He was expected – along with his three attorneys – to appear in Republican court (CJR) at 9 p.m. In France, ministers are empowered to try for crimes in their activities.

Why is the Minister being criticized?

Eric DuPont-Moretti, accused of “taking illegal interests”, was targeted last January by three magistrates’ unions and the Antigor Union.

The allegations allege that in September 2020, three judges from the Office of the National Financial Advocate (PNF) allegedly participated in an investigation aimed at identifying Molly, who allegedly provided information to Nicolas Sarkozy and his lawyer, Thierry Herzog. . During these hearings, extensive telephone billings from several attorneys, including Eric DuPont-Moretti, were examined.

But that’s not all. The complaints also allege that after completing his duties as an probation magistrate in Monaco, the minister opened another administrative hearing on the pressured judge, Edward Lewrald. Prior to becoming a minister, Eric Dupont-Moretti was the attorney general for one of the police officers charged by this magistrate and criticized the judge’s instructions.

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Please note that in addition to this legal procedure, the disclosure on July 7 about the avoidance of our colleagues from Mediapart and L’Obinion to declare ிய 300,000 in income to the tax authorities is included.

Can he be in government?

Can the accused minister be in office? By law, absolutely nothing prevents it, and an indictment is not akin to a crime. According to DuPont-Moretti’s entourage, the stamp holder does not appear to be considering resigning before announcing his indictment, believing he has his legitimacy from the president and prime minister. Understand: He will not leave unless he has the support of Emmanuel Macron and Jean Costex. “The holder of the seals has the same right as all lawyers. That is, the presumption of innocence enables him to defend his rights. […] From where I am, I think I should continue to be a good respecter of the law. The rights of all lawyers, ”the president said during a visit on Thursday.

After the silent Philonene affair and the coming to power of Emmanuel Macron, the principles of example and transparency imposed themselves on French politics. “We want responsible, exemplary and responsible leaders,” he hit in 2017, when he was in the countryside.

At the beginning of his five-year term, he used the “Balladur Judiciary” (a minister under investigation must resign, editorial note) for the cases of centrist leader Franசois Bayrou, Marielle de Sarnes or Sylvie. Gowlard, Macron later stopped implementing the policy properly. Despite the accusation, Richard Fernandez is still the Speaker of the National Assembly, and Franுவாois Beru is finally appointed Project Commissioner. So Eric DuPont-Moretti may continue in office. Even if the image of the accused justice minister is less inappropriate.

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