August 10, 2022


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France: Text banning police raids on Waze, Coyote or TomTom does not apply

From November 1, 2021, driver assistance applications will not be able to report control zones, however, not everywhere and in real time. Except for having an Improzio.

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J.Until now, a message appeared on GPS devices such as Waze, Coyote or Maps as to whether to declare a speed camera, blood alcohol test or police roadblock. It will end on November 1, in France. According to an order issued in the official journal, Voix du Nord has stated that it will no longer operate under the influence of alcohol and / or drugs while driving, or deploy police in the wake of an abduction alert or terrorist threat. Reported in real-time applications.

In this case, alcohol and / or drug driving tests will be covered for two hours. No police roadblocks for twelve hours. The move is not about national roads and highways, but about departmental and municipal roads. Nothing has changed for speed camera reporting.

In order not to compromise on opinion polls or research, the surprising effect of restrictions must be maintained. It is those provincial councils that can ban complaints about certain police raids. The restriction should not exceed 2 km in urban areas and 10 km in rural areas.

Inconsistent text

But the move will never see the light of day. Politicians and stage officials do not know how to implement this law. In other words, nothing will happen on November 1st. No solution has been found to make the regulations invisible or to prevent motor vehicles from reporting information.

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