October 7, 2022


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France: The media and personalities are angry over the use of their images in the Jemmoor clip

On Tuesday, audiovisual media and celebrities blasted Eric Jemmore for using his pictures during the announcement of his candidacy for the presidency on his YouTube channel.

The images were used in a “fraudulent” way, with the director noting that he “wants to make it clear that he does not share Eric Zemor’s comments.”

Jack Attlee sent a formal notice to the presidential candidate to remove his image from his video edit within 24 hours.

“If there is no denial or response on your part, I will arrest a qualified judge,” he said. Wrote a letter to Zemor.

The same firm position of the Gaumont cinema distributor that the company holds the rights is that there is “no demand” from the Gemmoor groups for the use of images from “Ann Singe My High” and “Jean D’Arc”. “We will study all the options that are open to us,” a spokesman said.

On the Audiovisual Media page, the international news television channel
, He said, “in principle opposes the use of its images and its logo in any clip of a political campaign.”

“As a result, the channel will ask you to immediately remove the images in this clip and read the legal solutions if its request is not complied with,” the four global channels provide a series of information (French, English, Arabic and Spanish).

“Short quote”

On their side,
French televisions
, Ina and Radio France jointly announced: “Eric Zemmor must pay for the rights to the pictures taken just like the others”.

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In an email to the AFP, the plaintiff’s panel defended itself against these criticisms, citing so-called “short quotes”.

However, the lawyer for SCAM, the French copyright management company, dismissed these arguments: “Extracts can only be used in the context of an important, controversial, scientific, educational, or ‘informative’ document.” He says it’s an advertising clip that does not meet a precedent.

The question of moral rights is also raised: “The author of a work has the right to say that it should not be distorted, whatever its purpose,” the lawyer continued.

In addition, a spokesman for the channel’s General Senate noticed that there were five seconds of images with its logo, which actually belonged to my march.

“We will order the candidate Jemmoor team to remove our logo,” he said.

, The video-making newspaper, was also angry about the use of images that “do not want to serve any candidate”.

“We have removed the video from our site” (which was initially incorporated into an article), said Eric Jemmur, deputy director of Parisian writing, about the clip by Pierre Sauce. “Now in the article in question, it is mentioned that the pictures were used without the consent of Paris,” he continued.