November 30, 2022


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France: The State Council expresses its opinion on the Health Council, which is changing to the Belgians

The French State Council has issued its opinion on the health pass.

LThe state council has reviewed the bill for caregivers’ immunization requirements, but has modified the requirement to issue health passes at major shopping malls and reduced fines, government sources said Monday.

Before embarking on his trip to parliament on Tuesday, the cabinet reviewed Monday evening the extension of the health pass for cafes, restaurants or trains.

Issued on Monday and in consultation with the AFP, the State Council underlined the issuance of a health pass at shopping centers “may be particularly concerned with the availability of basic items, especially food.”

The court considered this to be a “proportional violation of liberty”, especially for individuals who could not be vaccinated for medical reasons, so access to these centers should be “checked very thoroughly”. The administrator proposed on Sunday to limit this obligation to structures over 20,000 m2.

In addition, the fine for failing to control the health pass has been reduced to 1,000 euros, instead of 9,000 euros.

This relaxation was the result of discussions between the Administrator and the State Council: the Court considered the first edition of the Government to be unequal, and therefore sent back a copy of it with proper recommendation.

However, the state council upheld the sentence of one year in prison and a fine of ,000 9,000 if four verbal abuse occur within 30 days. This is 45,000 euros for legal persons from the Fifth Vocabulary.

Mandatory 10-day isolation for those affected by Govt-19 disease has been approved by the State Council for its part.

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But in its view, the State Council “recommends explicitly (…) stating that restrictions cannot take place at night”, so that the government maintains the “hour terminal” at 9:00 pm. He recommends adding Govt-19 to the bill that “if a new test is conducted, the isolation will cease before the end of the ten-day period if the interested parties show that they are no longer positive.”

The reaction of the government

The government wants to maintain a health pass in some shopping centers. The government plans a “running period” of “a week” or a few more specified periods to “support experts” in implementing the Health Pass, its spokesman announced Monday. Gabriel Attal.

He promised at the end of the panel of ministers that the bill, which would have imposed a gradual health pass from Wednesday, would “not want to trap anyone.”