October 7, 2022


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From the minister to the bicycle delivery man, the amazing trip to Afghanistan deported to Germany

Syed Sadat was the Minister of Communications in Afghanistan for two years, before his term ended in 2018. Last September, he decided to immigrate to Germany towards a better future.

In late 2020, he moved to the eastern city of Leipzig, where he became a bicycle distributor. “Since you were a minister you should be unemployed and do nothing”Says Saeed Sadat, Reuters: He has to pay his rent and feed himself like everyone else.

Despite this drastic life change, the 49-year-old former politician did not regret his choice. “I encourage all other politicians to work after retirement. They should participate in society like normal human beings.”, He explains to our colleagues that he has experienced slander from Afghans who have stayed in the country for accepting such a job. “I am proud to do this, otherwise I may become a corrupt minister.”, he said. “I hope other politicians will go the same way.”.

Gets a certain vibe considering its history The tragic events that rocked Afghanistan. Since the announcement of the withdrawal of US troops and the seizure of power by the Taliban, asylum applications have increased by more than 130% in Germany, according to figures from the Federal Office for Immigration. More than 100,000 people have already been expelled from Afghanistan since Aug. 14, the White House announced Thursday, including 1,100 Belgians. Syed Sadat’s family hopes to return home and join him.

The former minister of dual nationality may have chosen the United Kingdom, but turned to Germany as he bet on a better economic future in the field of telecommunications and information technology. Sadat graduated with a degree in the field, but spoke German and found it difficult to find work

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This is why he takes lessons during the day and waits to find a position that is most suitable for him before getting on his bike to serve food in the evening.