September 30, 2022


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“From the moment she said she was attracted to women, their behavior changed.”

Nearly 1,500 people gathered at the Malhouse this Sunday and marched in white to pay tribute to Dinah, a young teenage girl who ended her life in early October.

Tina, 14, committed suicide after being bullied at school. His mother explained to our colleagues that the behavior of her friends had recently changed. [Dinah] There was a group of friends […] But, the moment Dinah told them that she was attracted to women and especially a woman in the group, their behavior changed. She had insulting letters. Dina is very sensitive. She experienced this change of behavior very badly.

She has been living in hell ever since. The teenager had already attempted suicide last March. Returning to school in September, it was very difficult for her to meet her bullies again. He decided to take action on October 5 at the family home in Gingersheim in Hot-Rin.

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