January 29, 2023


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Gabriel Boric, the leader of Chile, is a militant and realistic miracle

If Chile was the cradle of neoliberalism in Latin America, it would also be its grave“, He announced during the announcement of his candidacy. Student leader, 27-year-old vice-president, 35-year-old president, Gabriel Borick is blowing the youthful air of Chilean politics, even after this announcement, even though his tone is moderate:”Guarantee a welfare state so that everyone has the same rights, even if they have money in their wallet“, As he told reporters, became his declared objective.

From the benches of the University of Law in Santiago, this bearded millennial wants to radically change his country, a country considered highly unequal in the OECD, and the middle class indebted to pay for education. Health and private pensions.

On the wall of his room: “We will be realistic, demanding the impossible”

In a relationship with a childless political scientist, he comes from the south of Chile, from Punta Arenas, one of the southernmost cities in the world, considered the gateway to Antarctica, on the shores of the icy waters of the Magellan Strait.

He grew up in a sympathetic family with his two younger brothers, both Socialist and Christian Democrat, and attended the British School in his hometown before joining the University of Santiago, where he did not complete his studies. Politics.

His father, Louis Borick, a 75-year-old former chemical engineer, says his son began formulating his political policies with news from an early age.We will be realistic and demand the impossible“Where”The reason is strength“Painted on the wall of his room. A coherent journey, Gabriel Boric represents the political tradition of the social upheaval of 2019, which deeply questioned Chile’s extreme liberal model.

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S.We travel is a movement, a journey that comes from social movements, Christoph Ventura, Director of Research at the Institute of International and Strategic Reactions (IRIS) in Paris. He was one of those who appeared there during the student movement, in the years 2009-2011. This is how he emerged in Chile in 2014 before entering politics directly. He was elected to the House of Representatives at the time as part of a political movement on the left of the Chilean left, and he has been active since 2014.“.
In 2013, he used the family home as the campaign headquarters for this first legislative struggle, bringing together friends and volunteers, and then winning the deputy seat for the Magallanes region the following year.

Thirty-year-old who did not hesitate to roll up his shirt to show off his tattoo has enhanced his image today. But even to those closest to him he remains a mysterious character: isolated, lonely, he never loses the spontaneity of his first year of activity: during his successful campaign, primarily on the left, he climbs in the face. Cameras on a large cypress tree, he was a child. The film has become a symbol of his campaign.

But more than that, he represents a real break with Sebastian Pinera, a radical liberal close to the country’s business circles. “CSomeone who took part in social movements in 2019, he was one of the products and one of the faces“Christoph Ventura recalled that at the time the union of left-wing movements and parties was transparent, but the young deputy also showed demonstrable reality:”In exchange for the constitutional process, there was a critical debate over whether the left-wing parties should accept the agreement put forward by Sebastian Pinara to calm the movement. Gabriel Borick is one of them, On the left, it took the cause of this agreement, which made it possible to form the Constituent Assembly. At the time, it had the support of the center-left. ” But difficulties in its own movement.

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2019 is a face of opposition

However, according to the political scientist, the young president has unprecedented strength because he is part of a generation. “This means he has not been head of state for decades.

The new Chilean president is also coming up with ideas that have not yet been put forward by the traditional political class, such as feminism or the environment. Corn “One of the challenges for this government, and one of the points at which its opponents attacked it, was the lack of preparation. These are the new president and his close young advisers.

After all, this moment is historically significant, as many viewers, including Christoph Ventura, say: “His luck,” c.He must have relied on the social movement that put him in power next March. The movement is interesting in Chile, it looks like a movement that took to the streets in December 2019 in terms of votes in its favor, which no one expected. He is the best elected president in Chilean history, with 55% participation or addition or subtraction. […] It is therefore a very strong democratic and popular capital, and it shows that Capt. Boric’s expression is a massive aspiration for a change in Chilean society, a change in political practices.“.

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